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Doxa. Ten Semeron Mystikos... (Gloria. To-Day Secretly...) - Theodoulos Kallinikos - Holy Week (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. Doxa Theo is a liturgical-based band made up of creatives spread around the country who write songs and cultivate community within the art of worship. Doxa Theo is a friendship. It is a friendship amongst ourselves & a friendship with Jesus. Doxa Theo is a Greek translation for "Glory to God".
  2. The doxa theou is the “divine glory” which reveals the nature of God in creation and in His acts, which fill both heaven and earth. D. NT Usage 1. The noun doxa was used for the both the glory of the Father and the Son in the NT where it is employed times. 2. The glory of God is revealed through creation (Matt. ; Luke ; Rom.
  3. On August 15th we celebrate the fallen no asleep of the Most Holy Theotokos - The Dormition. This feast commemorates the death, resurrection, and glorification of Christ's mother. According to Orthodox Tradition, Mary died like all humanity, "falling asleep," so to speak, as the name of the feast indicates.
  4. Aug 29,  · This increased Nina’s desire to receive Holy Baptism. Her father ultimately accepted his daughter’s request, and came to the following decision: “my first two children died, one at age two and the other at age one. My little girl has turned ten. Let her be baptized, as she wants so much, because maybe she might die too!”.
  5. Doxa Deo Port Elizabeth is deel van ‘n groter familie wat passievol is oor God en mense. Ons droom is om stede te verander na plekke waar God regeer. Ons doen dit deur ons passie vir God uit te leef in ons gemeenskap, 'n impak te maak by ons werksplekke en behoeftes in die gemeenskap aan te spreek.
  6. Theodosia was born in the village of Vyschi Lub'yanky, povit Zbaraz, Galicia. She married Jan (John Mariash) from the same village in Galicia. Theodosia and John emigrated to Canada in Initially, they settled in Ladywood, Manitoba but moved to NW E in John and Theodosia had four children Rosalia.
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  8. Transcript On the 15th of August every year, the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church, the Church in the West; I’m not sure about the Anglican and certainly not the Protestant churches, but in any case, certainly the ancient Christian Church already in the times towards the end of the first millennium, there was a celebration of the falling asleep of the mother of Christ, the mother of.

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