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  1. Location of these physical apertures in regions at potentials of less than about 10 V should be avoided because the deleterious effects of patch fields, etc., are more damaging at low particle energies. In particular, use should be made of virtual apertures, corresponding to images of physical apertures placed at regions of higher potential. •.
  2. Apertures are areas on the walls of a pollen grain, where the wall is thinner and/or softer. For germination it is necessary that the pollen tube can reach out from the inside of the pollen grain and transport the sperm to the egg deep down in the rixguifullsisliticortisibechuzzcou.coinfo apertures are the places where the pollen tube is able to break through the (elsewhere very tough) pollen wall.
  3. The aperture setting is measured in f-stop values, with apertures such as f/ and f/ often referred to as 'wide' apertures, as they have the widest opening and let in the most light, while.
  4. aperture Physics a. a usually circular and often variable opening in an optical instrument or device that controls the quantity of radiation entering or leaving it b. the diameter of such an opening aperture The diameter of the unobscured portion of the objective lens in a refracting telescope or of the primary mirror in a reflector. In a radio.
  5. Apertures. The SPI Supplies apertures, be they drilled Pt or Mo or of the gold foil thin firm type, are all made to the most exacting of standards and with the smallest possible tolerances, not just in hole size, but also placement. ZEISS ® / LEO ® - 2mm O.D. x mm thick and 10mm O.D. x mm thick and 12mm O.D. x mm thick.
  6. Few works have impacted the world of photography like Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. This summer, Aperture returns to this iconic work with “Ballads,” tracing the dynamic resonances of Goldin’s images and activism across photography, film, and contemporary culture. “Ballads” is on newsstands June Subscribe now and never miss an issue National Magazine Award.
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  8. Aperture refers to the opening of a lens's diaphragm through which light passes. It is calibrated in f/stops and is generally written as numbers such as , 2, , 4, , 8, 11 and Lower f/stops give more exposure because they represent the larger apertures, while the higher f/stops give less exposure because they represent smaller.

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